Sunday, January 31, 2010

...On a personal level...

There's a new product available from Lebowski Fest.
Go see for yourself over in the Shop on the site.
I would've loved to have overhead:
-the pitch to the Founding Dudes to start selling these
-the brainstorming of what quote to use
-if they every considered "Vagina?" as a choice

I'm assuming that it's no coincidence that V.D. is soon.
(Valentine's Day) for those without a frame of reference.
(If you're a pederast - you might have thought different)
Get it today - now - to make sure you get'em in time.

In my last LEBLOGSKI post, I listed a few wishes for LF'10.
Allow me to add one more: Get Tara Reid!
Yes, that's asking a lot.
But if this item won't get that party girl out to Louisville in July?
I'm just saying this might be the best shot we've got at getting Bunny.
The LF Ball Polisher has already gotten Liam excited.
Maybe it's wishful thinking that Ms. Reid would appreciate the humor


Yeah, my thinking about this item, man, it had become uptight.

Maybe I've got the wrong idea.
Maybe this item would be best served in getting - dare I say - Asia Carrera to a Lebowski Fest?[TQ]