Monday, March 30, 2009

By yourself, you can join The Royal We

One person only, they were very clear on that, or I'd go with you. One person only.
For the longest time, I didn't think anybody liked The Big Lebowski as much as myself.
I remember desperately wanting the same poster that the Dude has over his bar.
Shortly after finding it online, I discovered Lebowski Fest.
Years would pass in which I kept missing out on Fests.
I would vicariously read their accounts on the message board.
Finally, I had told myself that 2008 would be the year I would attend my first Fest.
On sheer coincidence, the first Fest of 2008 would be held less than 30 minutes away in Chicago.
I had bought many tickets with the hopes of convincing many friends.
However I was only able to convince two to join me.
(I'll get to what I did with the extra tickets later)
My friend fell ill during the first night's activities.
Him and his Special Lady Friend had to leave before the screening.
I'm staying. I'm Finishing my coffee.
My friend's sickness didn't improve the next day.
The bowling party was going to be another solo effort.

Well, I can see you're anxious for me to get to the point.

If you really like The Big Lebowski, attend a Fest -
ALONE if you have to... It's worth it.

I had sold my extra tickets to Chicago Lebowski Fest to a couple from Houston.
They had flown up for the occasion - as a part of a last minute birthday gift.
Total strangers - finding a common ground in a love for a great film.

Four months later, at the Annual Fest in Louisville, I decided to go alone.
Trusting fellow Achievers, I was sure that I wouldn't be alone for long.
I did not feel out of my element.

I met a couple from Pittsburgh.
Besides Lebowski, we had great conversations about music.
They should be back this July, and I'm looking forward to reconnecting.

Two brothers from Canada were also welcoming of my friendship.

We all ended up exploring Louisville together.
Highlighted by voyage to Lynn's Paradise Cafe.

A father and son combo from New England warmed my heart.
The foursome from Ohio were Lebowski Scholars (and Treehorn wannabes).
Infamous personalities from the message board also materialized.

Although all of these conversations started with the movie, none were dominated by it.

It does take a unique spirit to attend a Lebowski Fest by yourself.
Primarily, you have to like talking with strangers.
But when you are in the midst of a throng striving to be laid-back, it's easy to abide.

There's probably an over 90% chance that I'll be attending The 8th Annual alone again.
I'm not at all upset about that.

(Here is the poster that started it all for me)[TQ]

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lebowski on Trial: was the doctor was a good man? and thorough?

For three weeks I served as a Juror in downtown Chicago. It was a Civil Trial - medical malpractice. Basically, I had to evaluate if the Defendant was a good man, and thorough.

The specifics of the case were daunting: the visual torture of doctors' notes, nurses' notes, blood test results and expert testimony became overwhelming at times. For the sake of my civic duty, I took copious notes. (I also kept as quiet and listened as intently as Liam)

I was jolted in the jury box during the cross examination of the Defendant. I don't have access to the official transcript (although I do wish I could have given the court reporter my number - but that's another story related in my quest for a special lady friend), but here's a very close reinterpretation:

QUESTION: ...and the ultrasound showed it to be one by three and a half centimeters in size?
QUESTION: About the size of a golf ball?
ANSWER: Obviously you're not a golfer.
QUESTION: But that's what the note said...

Later in the trial, the Lawyer for the Plaintiff said, "The imperial 'we'?"
Close Counselor... Nice effort.

In an action completely unrelated to my love for all things Lebowski, we ruled in favor of the doctor.
He was a good man, and thorough.[TQ]

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Good night sweet prince.

For the past couple of years, the official Achiever Hotel for the Annual Lebowski Fests has been the Executive Inn. Sadly, they are demolishing it and all of its fantastic 70s decor. Here are the demolition pics.

Do not despair, the Executive West still stands (although they have renamed it Crowne Plaza) and they are currently accepting reservations for the 8th Annual Lebowski Fest in Louisville on July 10th & 11th with a discount for Achievers.

More details here

Monday, March 23, 2009


Before I introduce myself, a brief mention of the actress Irene Olga López:
As so many young [and old wo]men of [her] generation, she had a small but memorable scene in a movie we all love.
The portrayal of "Pilar (Sellers' housekeeper)" will forever overshadow her career both before and after The Big Lebowski, in our minds.
She's a bona fide veteran of both stage and screen, here's a small sampling of work featuring her craft:
Falling Down, Fraiser, Showgirls, The L Word (picture below to describe that last listed show's content)

I know of no other way to introduce myself, other than the fact when I was in Costco recently I saw middle aged Latina featuring a name tag of "Pilar" and instantly thought of The Big Lebowski. We're all, on a personal level, really enormous fans. To the extent that it doesn't take much to get our minds sidetracked to a Lebowski-related ideal.

My mind gets cued to TBL more and more every day. Even if there isn't a literal connection. Last week a coworker used a very antiquated term of "oriental" when describing someone's ethnicity. I politely informed her that the term is not the preferred nomenclature. After double checking the most accurate detailing of the script I know of, I realized that "oriental" isn't said once in the entire feature... A great new nugget to me, seeing how it could've been used aptly to describe the rug that set the entire plot in motion.

Speaking of that accurate script, I will like to thank the Achiever we all know as Dragon. I had the pleasure of meeting him last July, and I would never be able to have my effort to this blog be as legit as I hope without his painstaking discipline. You will see links to this script frequently as I intend to use accurate quotes in my writing.

The founding Dudes have allowed me to help out with the LeBlogski effort. Hopefully you will all abide as well. My name is TQ, I'm from just outside of Chicago and have only been to a couple official Lebowski Fests. You'll see me for sure in Louisvile this July.

By the way, TBL: 10th Anniverary DVD, is being sold on Costco's website for $22.49. You could be the first to write a review (as of the time I'm writing this).[TQ]

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pin Heads v. 2.0

Scott and Lippy discuss the reconstruction of the bowling pin costumes for the Summer of Lebowski.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Misspelling or clever joke?

Spotted at The Hideaway Saloon. Louisville, Kentucky.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Is this your MySpace, Larry?

The actor who played "Little Larry Sellers" has his own MySpace Page.

You can be his friend.

We are