Monday, December 6, 2010

It's video, Dude.

Oh my, what a beautiful web address it is:
Go watch that video.
Go watch that video. (Mr. Lebowski asked me to repeat that)

I knew they were coming.
If you read* my posts, you knew it too.
You'd think I had one leg longer than the other - the amount of circles I walked around that Nightline camera crew for I attempted to get into the background of more shots that I could count... I succeeded twice.

Paused DVR glory! You're allowed to blink once as long as you don't blink the second time I appear in the background.

It was great to see friends like the entire "Chinamen with Lebowski's Legs" Philly foursome get a moment in front of the camera. However, it was an utter shame the famous Mrs. Jamtoss fell victim to the red pen of Nightline's editor.

The highlight of the overall strike of a piece was it's conclusion. I was on the lane with the eventual "Best Walter" (and Trivia 2nd place winner I might add!) and pictured the before and after of the most clutch roll in Lebowski Fest history!

Dios mio, Bob.
*If you haven't read my posts... I guess you just weren't listening... but I do recommend at least two of my posts from this past July:
My Favorite Picture From the 9th Annual
My Top 5 Garden Party Pictures[TQ]

Friday, December 3, 2010

Lebowski Fest on Nightline - MUST RECORD!

"Walter, if you're there, pick up the fucking phone man. C'mon Walter pick up the fucking phone man. C'mon Walter, pick it up, man, this is an emergency..."

Achievers, you need to set your DVR / TiVo / VCR / Betamax / Hired hobo with video camera to record tonight's Nightline on ABC!

Late word came out today (click here for the article: about when the feature many of us saw filmed this past July in Louisville during the 9th Annual Lebowski Fest.

I'm sorry I have been as blogging as heavily as I have in the past - they got us working in shifts.[TQ]

Friday, November 5, 2010

NY photos from Gothamist
Lebowski Fest NY photos from Gothamist
Lebowski Fest NY photos from Gothamist

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Just in: Standby Tickets for Lebowski Fest NY @BrooklynBowl may be available at 6 tonight!
Lebowski Fest NY @BrooklynBowl starts at 6 tonight. Movie at 7, Costume Contest at 9:30 Diamondsnake at 10. Event is Sold Out!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

@ZomBcon Seattle appearing with Lebowski Zombies Friday @TheShowbox: Donnie of The Dead, Dude of the Dead, etc.
@ZomBcon Seattle appearing with Lebowski Zombies Friday @TheShowbox: Donnie of The Dead, Dude of the Dead, etc.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

@ZomBcon Seattle appearing with Lebowski Zombies Friday @TheShowbox: Donnie of The Dead, Dude of the Dead, etc.
@ZomBcon Seattle appearing with Lebowski Zombies Friday @TheShowbox: Donnie of The Dead, Dude of the Dead, etc.
@ZomBcon Seattle appearing with Lebowski Zombies Friday @TheShowbox: Donnie of The Dead, Dude of the Dead, etc.
@ZomBcon Seattle appearing with Lebowski Zombies Friday @TheShowbox: Donnie of The Dead, Dude of the Dead, etc.

Monday, October 11, 2010

A horrid excuse to post Minka Kelly pictures

Minka Kelly, who I have been "a fan" (to use the parlance of our times) since she was on NBC's Friday Night Lights has just been named Esquire Magazine's Sexiest Woman Alive. Here are a couple of quotes from her interview in which she is sharing a story of what it was like to have a mother 'dance' for a living:

"Sometimes she would have a really great night, and so she would wake me up in the middle of the night and we'd go to Ralphs and go grocery shopping..."

Did they have a value club card?

"...And that was so much fun. We'd have the whole grocery store to ourselves, and we would have a blast and buy a hundred dollars in groceries. And it was just the best day ever. The best day."

I wonder if they ever bought half and half there.[TQ]

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lebowski Fest Regret

In nearly every single possible way my Lebowski Fest Chicago 2010 experience was an awesome success.
  • Bringing in a friend to the Movie Party that had never been to a Lebowski Fest
  • Seeing an 80s Movie Villian rock a keytar
  • Allotting the appropriate time for a pre-Bowling Party burger at Kuma's (avoiding the Metallica burger 'cause it probably tastes like a bunch of assholes)
  • Winning my second Trivia competition
  • Loving that Chicago stepped up and debuted new costume ideas never before seen
But there is one regret.
There was a man I saw at the Bowling Party.
I don't have a picture of him in my files.
Maybe he's captured on one of the many Achiever photo submissions (check it out on Facebook if you haven't), but I haven't seen it yet.
My regret is not saying something* to him.

And now I'm going to live until the next time there's a Lebowski Fest in Chicago with a regret I have... hoping that this same man will be at the next one...

Which reminds me - don't regret missing out on the next Lebowski Fest Seattle next weekend if you can:

What a great poster by Bill Green. Guess he was enjoying his coffee when designing it.

*Oh yeah, my regret from Chicago? It was because that aforementioned man had an artificial leg. I really wish I would've asked him if some Chinaman took it in Korea.[TQ]

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Don't say peep while I'm doing business here.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Free Lebowski Roast from Highland Coffee and Free Speed of Sound Tour Poster just for showing up! 414 Baxter Ave: Louisville, KY!
Original Pin Suits with Bowling Ball Sold to the Dudes at Maximum ASP!
Lebowski Fest yard sale has begun!
Lebowski Fest yard sale has begun!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My favorite 10 pictures from Lebowski Fest Chicago 2010

Honestly, I think I set a record low as far as how many pictures I took the past Friday & Saturday during Lebowski Fest Chicago. Part of it is because many more people take better pictures and it's increasingly easier to find other people's albums on Facebook.

With that disclaimer, like Lebowski Fest Chicago, now behind us here are my top ten favorite pictures (in no particular order) from my own personal camera:

Over the line!

This Walter didn't win "Best Walter" but I appreciated the effort in detail with show dog picture.

One of the first top tier costumes I saw during the Bowling Party. Admittedly, the fact that this is a couple dressing up together touched a soft spot (Well yes, what did you think this was all about? Fun and games?)

The Golfer has been done before, and by many people (yours truly included). However, this costume was by far the best executed. She had it won for me at the Argyle socks - but the golf bag to boot was icing on the visor topped cake.

Those that attended the 9th Annual Lebowski Fest in Louisville were introduced to the unveiling of "Hot Ass Maggie" as a method to showcase a blanket toss. I have the feeling this group costume idea will become a Lebowski Fest mainstay.

I think I heard the Founding Dudes say that this past weekend was the 40th or so Fest. Which means anytime you hear them say, "Lebowski Fest First" when it comes to a costume it's quite extraordinary. It's also a great costume because you'd only know this was a costume once inside a Lebowski Fest. (And for those of you wanting to be a Trivia champion - don't forget the name Irene Olga López.)

In what the Founding Dudes called another LF-First, what you have here is the Corvette of Larry Sellers' neighbor. Oh, and that's a giant crowbar. Bonus points for the "Do you see what happens, Larry" sticker on the car. (They also won brownie points for giving me my personal Fest highlight: they said they've actually read these posts to me!)

Lebowski Fest Chicago 2010 set itself apart from the others in how the Best Costume Finalists SOLD their characters. Each were given the microphone and nearly all of them exponentially added to their costume with brilliant performance. Knox Harrington, the video artist, has been done before (yes yes) and even by people who look more like David Thewlis, but none of them got out a phone to talk to Sandra and laugh like this character!

I urge everyone to find better angles of this, Best Costume winning, costume. See if you can figure it out by from the clues such as "tripped on a cloud" and "tore my mind on a jagged sky." Some of the best, next level, costumes cause everyone to pause to think through the process. The one aspect of this costume that pictures won't be able to translate is how this man took the microphone and led the entire Bowling Party in a sing-a-long to his costume. After that, he walked off the stage the winner.

Finally, one gratuitous picture of myself.[TQ]

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Chicago is in full swing!
Chicago is in full swing!
Nice Marmot poster by Chicago's own Jay Ryan.
Nice Marmot poster by Chicago's own Jay Ryan.

It's audio, Dude.

It's great how the radio shows we all love embrace the podcast as a new medium. Basically, it's Audio On Demand:
Wave of the future, Dude. 100% electronic.

Even if you listened manually last night while the rest of us were at the Movie Party, give a listen to the great interview on WGN Radio (not exactly a lightweight) of our Founding Dudes.

Special thank yous and A Good Day To You Sir! for WGN Radio personality/talent/Achiever Nick Digilio and his humble Donny-esque producer Andy Herman for getting the Founding Dudes on the air during the tail end of the Chicago Lebowski Fest Movie Party.[TQ]
Last nights
Last nights "special guests" - an amphibious rodent and a showdog with papers.
Thanks Chicago Achievers!
Thanks Chicago Achievers!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Movie about to start!

First Jason featured a key-guitar, Vaudezilla had it's dancing Maude, and Blue Moon Swamp reminds us to have Credence in the deck.

Movie's up next. Your roll.[TQ]

See you tonight Chicago Achievers!
See you tonight Chicago Achievers!
Tonight @ Portage - 7:00 Doors 7:45 First Jason 8:15 Burlesque 8:45 Creedence 10:00 Film Screening (35mm!) - Tickets available at the door!
First Jason kicks off the Movie Party tonight at The Portage at 7:45. Skeered?
First Jason kicks off the Movie Party tonight at The Portage at 7:45. Skeered?


No more tickets are available for the Bowling Party tomorrow.
I hope my fellow Chicago neighbors step up and make tonight's Movie Party a sell out as well!

Not that anybody reads these posts, but if you do and are going tonight I hope to meet you. You won't be able to miss me: I'll be wearing a highly colorful ORANGE (like construction worker high visibility orange) "Quintana Child Care" T-Shirt. The shirt is of course courtesy the magnificent "7:11 Crew" from Greater Cleveland.[TQ]
Chicago Bowling is SOLD OUT! Tix still available for the Movie Screening w/ Creedence at The Portage tonight.
Chicago Bowling is SOLD OUT! Tix are still available for the Movie with Creedence tonight.
Chicago Bowling is SOLD OUT! Tix are still available for the Movie with Creedence tonight.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

It don't matter to Jesus!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chicagoland Achievers: Bowling Tickets are almost gone! Put the piece away and get your tickets today!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What is that... yoga?

I just bought my tickets for Rollin' Outta Here Naked!
Achievers who are attending the Movie Party this Friday in Chicago will only get a tease of what Vaudezilla brings to the party.
Don't let your thinking about this case get uptight... Consider buying your tickets before they bust out (pun, regretfully, intended) at the Portage Theater, the venue of choice for the Lebowski Fest Chicago Movie Party. You can expect ticket sales to peak after their Lebowski Fest showing.
*Speaking of tickets: Did you get your tickets for Lebowski Fest Chicago yet?

Back to the babes: My prior assumptions of the show's rumored expansion have since been confirmed:

"We have expanded this year. We've got twice as many bowling showgirls, a slew of new characters (as well as some old familiar favorites), and - sure to make you happy - all-new original sketches to go along with last year's favorites!

It's bigger. It's Lebowski-er. It's going to be a fun time."

I met nearly all of these performers last year. It was my privilege to bowl with them during last year's Bowling Party. The heart of this crew is the Dick Dijon / Red Hot Annie power couple: Who took home a Best Maude and Trivia trophy abidingly last year (not exactly lightweights). The only reason, in my mind, that Maria May I didn't win Best Jesus is because her breakaway purple jumpsuit isn't exactly "movie accurate."

Oh by the way... This part of Friday's festivities: The live action performance on the stage with top notch quality and top shelf boobs... That's all IN ADDITION to watching one of your most favorite Movies of all time on a large screen. I'll see you there.[TQ]

Monday, September 13, 2010

Is this your only I.D.?

Lebowski Fest Chicago starts this Friday and I'm getting very excited, the best way to describe the feeling might be:
The complete opposite feeling of a Jack-Daniels-drunken Nihilist passed out in a Bunny-side-Pool.

Late last night I e-mailed the Founding Dudes, volunteering my what-have-you skill set because the Fest is rather close to where I live. This isn't the first time I'm offered aid - usually they tell me they have it covered. The Founding Dudes are pros at this - a Swiss fucking Watch.

But they said they might need my help at the door.
Fair warning, tell Walter

Here's a couple things you can expect to see if I'm working the will call desk for example:
"Is this your only ID?" when someone tries to prove who they are (expect this said in record volume).
"Over the line!" when someone gets too anty and cuts in front of another Achiever.

Here's a couple more gems I might throw out if I'm ripping ticket stubs:
"Fucking dog has fucking papers" when someone hands me a computer print out ticket.
"I can see your anxious for me to get to the point" if I happen to be distracted or delayed somehow.
"It don't matter to Jesus!" if someone thanks me at any point.

Okay, so that last example is rather lame and not in proper context... Which is why I'm really hoping some of the attendees throw it right back at me....

"Who am I? Who am I? I'm the guy that's gonna KICK-" when I ask for your name at Will Call.
If a special lady friend coos "Your not blowing" while my head is down buried in a pile of names I'm going to probably give someone a High-5.

Who am I kidding? Any reference anybody attempts to throw at me is going to be awesome. Can't wait to see you all there!

Tickets are going quickly, especially with the locals looking ahead to the upcoming weekend. Don't delay and go get your tickets now![TQ]

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Achiever Wardrobe Malfucntion

For those that don't know, I actually discovered because I wanted that poster over The Dude's bar. I bought that poster, and soon a shirt, before immersing myself in the Forum.

At first, I only read from afar - never posting. After much envy, I finally attended a Lebowski Fest when they came to my backyard. Some stranger, no not an actual Stranger, asked if I had ever been to the one in Louisville. The next July I was in Louisville.

Countless friends, and remarkable experiences later - not to mention a crazy fan email asking about a blog - I am now posting on the site and am about to attend my 6th Fest this weekend when it returns to Chicago.

That shirt I mentioned earlier, I love it. Without a doubt it is a "first string shirt" that I intentionally wear to special occasions. I wore it to when I first saw Radiohead live (where somebody yelled to me, "Hey!!! The Dude Abides! " and I replied with my usual, "And a good day to you sir!") and to the Golden Gate Bridge.

Last month I wore it to a company outing to Wrigley Field. That night I had made a poor judgment call by trying to make it through an opening that wasn't exactly pedestrian friendly and punctured my absolute favorite shirt. I had felt like I had failed to achieve, even in the modest task that was my charge.

(Not since I had ripped my Foo Fighters, first ever concert t-shirt, had I felt instant regret and sadness at a wardrobe malfunction)

But fear not! As if the Founding Dudes had sensed the calamity, they have recently unveiled a new Achiever Shirt! (Black. Darker'n a black steer's tookus on a moonless prairie night.)

So I'm actually faced with quite a conundrum: What should I replace it with? I love the Royal Blue classic edition, but understand the new Black model will easily go with more formal attire. Then again, you have the Visible Green counterpart that I know many prefer.

Which should I choose? Thankfully, all three options should be available at the Merch stand this weekend at Lebowski Fest Chicago 2010.

I will be there, will you?[TQ]

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rollin' Outta Here Naked

About this time last year I wrote about the fantastically creative and abidingly achieving Vaudezilla group of Burlesque superiority.

If you were at the 2009 Lebowski Fest Chicago Movie Party, you only got a tease (pun appropriate) of what Rollin' Outta Here Naked had to offer. If you saw them at the Bowling Party, for example, you got a slightly better understanding.

Last year I was fortunate enough to get a ticket to one of their performances before they all sold out. This year looks to be even better because it appears to have expanded (judging by at least one of their promotional posters).

I can not stress the following statement enough: Rolling Outta Here Naked was the most marvelous, smart and true, original work of entertainment inspired by The Big Lebowski I have ever seen.

And I haven't even gotten to the fact that they have more highly attractive (and scantily clad) women than a Jackie Treehorn Garden Party. -I'll get to that in a a moment.

The true joy, for me at least, were the original sketches that ran in between the Burlesque sets. We all know the ins and outs of what we saw in the movie, but Rollin' Outta Here Naked presents the what-have-you such as "lost scenes" that occur in between some of our most favorite Lebowski moments. I have to admit that I went there mainly to see a hot She-sus and a big chested Walter, but was more than impressed by the commitment of Dick Dijon and skill of Logan Conner.

Let's not forget, let's not forget, that Vaudezilla features Red Hot Annie, Donna Touch, Maria May I and many more... You'll leave knowing that her life was in your hands and that their clothes were on the floor. Marty's cycle, cute Nihilists and a sexy Pederast - what more could you want? (How about Brandt! He's also there.) Note: if you see it with your special lady friend, it also increases the chances of conception.

The timing is no coincidence. These Achievers are, well... Achievers (how proud we are of all of them). The month was picked to coincide with Lebowski Fest Chicago 2010. Although the Fest is just September 17 & 18 (which will include the talent of Vaudezilla), Rollin' Outta Here Naked is a very free spited show running every Friday and Saturday Night in September. I strongly suggest you buy tickets ahead of time to see them at Chicago's Greenhouse Theater. Don't settle for just their performance at the Portage Theater. Dude, did you get tickets to that yet?[TQ]

Monday, August 2, 2010

An open letter to Achievers traveling to Chicago

Dear fellow Achiever,

As you know, Lebowski Fest is coming back to Chicago next month! That's my neck of the woods. Another Achiever asked me for advice on a hotel. I saw yet one more had posted on the Forum looking for help as well.

Here's my official response to where you should stay if you're planning on traveling to Chicago for Lebowski Fest: I'm sorry, I wasn't listening...

Look, I'm very sorry fellow Achiever - but I live here. Asking me about local hotels is totally out of my element. To make matters unfortunately worse, the two venues of LF-Chicago (Portage Theater & Diversey River Rock and Bowl) aren't really all that close to one of Chicago's many train lines. In a perfect world, I'd tell you to pick a place downtown - in the "Loop" and take an eL train out to the site. But unless you're willing to walk a mile and half in post midnight (and post White Russian) conditions I think you're better off taking a cab.

If you're looking for a hotel that's within walking distance of the Fest sites (like how we are spoiled with in Louisville), it's not an option. The areas are rather residential, with no hotels in sight.

So when it comes to asking me to track down a hotel possiblity for you -
I've got to uh - tender my resignation or whatever, because uh -

This is leaving you holding a bag of Walter's undeies, I understand. You thought you were getting a hotel recommendation. All I can say is pick a well-known national hotel chain you are comfortable with and go to the 'net to search for one as close to the downtown area that you can afford. The Movie Party and Bowling Party aren't downtown, but you'll want to be downtown to do some sightseeing and general touristy what have you while you're in town.

For the record, if I had someone coming into town to see me - I'd put them at this hotel. It's close to where I live (which means nothing to you), walking distance to the eL to get you downtown. (Bonus point of relevance: it is actually less than 8 miles from where the Movie Party is going to be held.) But also for the record, I can't formally recommend a hotel just off of the Airport because you deserve to have a downtown Chicago experience to get the full experience of the city I love so much.

Feel free to ask me any follow up questions,

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Favorite Picture from the 9th Annual

Photo credit goes to a Dude named Nader M.
Well, more accurately, some Jesus (he was dressed as Quintana).

I thought I was proud of my "action photos" from the Garden Party, but this Costume Contest action shot should be in a museum. For the record, the "Cash Machine" costume was also inspired. The currency it dispensed was specifically made for the Fest. Multiple colors and multiple designs! My favorite was the design that had a picture of Brandt in the "president position" and was worth $100. Another great design was the rare $1,000 bill featuring Bunny.

All you can say, about this picture and that costume (and it's accessories) is...
"That's marvelous."[TQ]

Monday, July 19, 2010

My Top 5 Garden Party Pictures

And a good day to you sir!

I call the Monday after the Annual Lebowski Fest, unofficially of course, "Annual Upload Day." I take this day off of work (Are you employed, sir?) not only because I've spent a long day prior driving and sifting through my own photos, but also I love seeing all the pictures others have to share and finding the various media reports.

There's a lot to mention and share, which will be gotten to in due time. Today I am focusing on my top five pictures from the Garden Party. You are more than welcome to view my entire album (of the whole weekend).

However, to appreciate the following five pictures - know this:
I almost became a Lebowski Fest Cliche.

While waiting in my hotel lobby circa 1:30 AM post Movie Party for a pizza, I realized my camera was not my pocket (Could you slide your shorts down Mr. Lebowski, please?). It didn't take me long to write it off for good. Thankfully, it took longer for the food delivery and decided to walk back to the very vacant and more dark lawn. The feeling was more disappointing than anger. I really didn't take all than many Movie Party pictures.

I can see you're anxious for me to get to the point.
After too many minutes of using my phone as a digital lantern to no avail, a security guy asked what I was looking for [and if it was the camera he had earlier found]!

Rejuvenated, I was able to take harder than it appears timed photographs of the Garden Party Games the following afternoon. I don't have a high speed camera, but it certainly performed like one. Enjoy the following action shots:

Beach Blanket Toss -

Valkyrie Ring Toss-

Sheriff of Malibu Coffee Mug Throw-

Marmot fling-

Ringer Toss-

Stay tuned to LEBLOGSKI for pictures of costumes, video and what-have-you.[TQ]

Saturday, July 17, 2010