Monday, April 20, 2009

Rug pee-ers did not do this

The two gentlemen flanking Jackie Treehorn will be appearing at Lebowski Fest LA in 2009!

Mark Pellegrino (Blonde Treehorn Thug) and Philip Moon (Woo the rug pisser) will reunite for the first time since they soiled The Dude's rug.

Also appearing are Jeff "The Dude" Dowd (real-life inspiration), Jon Polito (Da Fino), Jim Hoosier (Liam), Lu Elrod (waitress) and Robin Jones (Ralph's Girl).

More guests TBA.

Tickets are on sale now and going quick!

More here.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ready? Rejoice! Rob Riggle. Remarkable... Really.

Last year Brian Posehn's stand-up routine served as a fitting lead-in for the screening of The Big Lebowski the night of the Opening Party for the 7th Annual Lebowski Fest.

It appears the stand-up trend will continue for the 8th Annual Lebowski Fest. Announced moments ago, for those of us who subscribe to the Founding Dudes' mailing list, Rob Riggle will lend his native Louisvillian (if that's even a word?) talent to the event.

More info will surely be announced in the coming weeks, but most important to me is that tickets go on sale
Friday April 17!

Point of note from my lazy wiki-research: Like Walter, R.R. is a veteran.[TQ]

Monday, April 6, 2009

Ah, that must be exhausting.

Dragon, of the Achiever Forum fame, recently posted pictures from the new/old/renamed/same-or-very-close-to-geographically hotel that past Louisville-bound Achievers know very well...

I'll just post the pool picture here - the others are on the hotel's website, but they don't feature Dragon's commentary (so I recommend checking out the thread on the Forum). If I'm not mistaken - this pool used to be an outdoor pool. Now it's an indoor pool!

How can a promotional picture touting a renovation get me this excited?
My mind has just gotten it's volume turned way up...
Visions of toe nail painting Bunnys
Passed out Rockers
The lack of nearby cash machines
A nervous Brandt!

All I care about: will an empty bottle of Jack Daniels still float in it?

Don't wait until tickets go on sale - book your room at the host hotel now if you know you're attending![TQ]

Thursday, April 2, 2009

White Russian Flavored Ice Cream

It's not important for you to know that I work in the Grocery Industry.
And it's also not important to know the new flavor of Ice Cream I learned about today.
However, I think it's important that I can't run out to a store and buy ready-made White Russian Ice Cream.

White Russian flavored deserts are a proven success. Anybody that was at the 7th Annual Lebowski Fest, and had the pleasure of partaking in Chef Duff's cake, can attest. I had to wait until a picture was posted on the website to see the creation at it's peak. When the cake came into the Executive Strike & Spare, I was in the middle of a game with the eventual winner of "Best 'Jesus' Costume" and his wife (dressed as Smokey).

The insta-crowd that formed made me content to continue bowling. Later someone returned raving about the cake's taste. I must admit, I thought it was going to be all decoration no flavor - so I left the lane to fight for a piece before it was gone.

I'm extremely thankful that I did, for there wasn't much left. The cake, by the way, appeared to have been cut by nihilists. The large prop scissors (Inspired by the kind carried by Autobahn during the dream sequence) were long gone. I carved out a large chunk using my disposable foam plate and ate it without the use of utensils.

I am not a skilled enough writer to give its superb taste justice.
The Ace of Cakes episode featuring this cake detailed the copious amounts of liquor utilized in Chef Duff's recipe. Why not extend it to other deserts?

A quick google search yielded this recipe for my Ice Cream desire.

The temperature during the Garden Party last July was in the high 90s. It could be a new revenue stream for The Founding Dudes if they are so inclined...

Then I began to wonder which character would be the best at following a recipe. Who would be the best chef of the bunch?

My vote's for Donny.

It's not just by default:
Maude and Jeffrey Lebowski might have never cooked a meal in their lives. (a function of the Big's vanity)
Walter may be more inclined to eat a military issued MRE.
The Dude, I can see him going a full day without realizing he hasn't eaten a meal.
Jesus, well, I wouldn't be surprised if he had kitchen skills...

Donny has a long tradition of Greek Heritage that could support a life raised around a kitchen.
He's was also very forward thinking in his carbonated beverage realm, drinking that can of Slice years before it hit the market.

But that's just my opinion, I'd like to know
like uh, your opinion man. [TQ]