Sunday, June 27, 2010

9th Annual Lebowski Fest, less than 3 WEEKS away

I can't wait until The 9th Annual Lebowski Fest, July 16 & 17, in Louisville!
If you haven't seen the schedule yet, best you check it out.
Some of us may be see the schedule and start looking forward to the musical acts.
At least check out The Felice Brothers, who will entertaining us Achievers during Friday's Movie Party.
Others may be happy to know that Miller will once again be providing the Oat Sodas.

Personally, I can't wait to see a lot of people that I haven't seen in 12 months.

Did you see the new T-Shirt for the 9th Annual?

The shirt keeps with the recent tradition of having a similar design to the Bill Green Poster. The shirt is priced on the website for $18 (Is it a coincidence that $18 is how much Donny had in cash during the the ear-biting fight scene?)

In other Lebowski Fest T-Shirt news, a bunch of "classics" are now on sale over in the Lebowski Fest Pro Shop.

I'm partial to the below shirt:


Next week I plan to write a couple reminders that should help both Rookies prepare to party and Veterans (not the Walter kind) limber up for Louisville (it's not Yoga). One such aspect, which is vital, are your tickets.

Did you get your tickets yet? If not, hurry and click here!

I'll say it again next week, but you don't want to forget your tickets. It happened to me last year, and according to people who know better, it happens quite frequently (separate incidents).[TQ]
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Thursday, June 17, 2010

4 Weeks Until Lebowski Fest

We're within a month Achievers & Amateurs!

A quick update on the topic of my last post: the "Bring Liam to Lebowski Fest - Lousisville" initiative. The page has grown to over 25% of what is needed to reach the stated goal of 500 "likes." I wish I knew the equivalent of throwing Facebook a fancy briefcase full of phonebooks to increase that number. At this point, I think everybody who reads my LEBLOGSKI posts has already "liked" the page. Don't want to get all "Her life is in your hands" on yeah, but... I think everyone is gonna have to campaign if it's gonna happen.

Speaking of topics from posts' past - Remember when I wrote an Open Letter to Bill Green? Well, it turns out the Bald & Brilliant (attributes listed in no particular order) Bill Green will be classing up the joint: He'll be at the 9th Annual Lebowski Fest. Here's a sneak peak at a statement I'll be trying to say to him in Louisville:
Excuse me, uh, sir... Did you happen to see a blog post I wrote about incorporating the awesome City Flag of Chicago into a potential poster for the next Chicago Fest? Oh, no? That's cool that's cool... Take it easy...
In other Lebowski Fest related news: If you are in Louisville the night before the start of the Fest[ivities], Carmichael's Bookstore is having something up your proverbial alley. Check out the bookstore's website for info on a discussion / book signing event including the authors of The Year's Work in Lebowski Studies.

Not to be in competition or anything, but I'm considering sitting at a small folding table in the Executive Strike & Spare Parking Lot a few hours before the Movie Party begins. I'll have printed out posts my LEBLOGSKI efforts for use in spitting out your chewing gum and throwing out moments before your first oat soda.[TQ]
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Thursday, June 10, 2010

All About Liam (5 Weeks Until Lebowski Fest)

This post is dedicated to Jim Hoosier - the man, or dare I say Lebowski Fest Legend, who portrayed the stoic bowling partner of Jesus Quintana. A character we all know and love as Liam. Jim "Liam" Hoosier has taken ownership of this character with the zeal best personified in his classic "ball polishing "scene. About two years ago, I met Jim for the first time. I remember being so happy to have my picture taken with him. Also, I remember how Jim/Liam didn't hesitate at all to abide in my photo request. The smiles here are genuine:

I didn't know it then, but it would be nearly a year and a half until the next time I saw Jim. Amazingly, by now we were both friends on Facebook (I remember running around the office gloating, "Dude, 'Liam' from The Big Lebowski actually requested MY friendship on Facebook. Mark it!" This second time I saw Jim also currently remains the last time I saw him. It was in Chicago at its 2009 Lebowski Fest Speed of Sound Tour stop. It was then I took the best video of those nights that didn't involve the amazing Burlesque dancers of Vaudezilla:

I can see you're anxious for me to get to the point.
When will I see Liam next? I'm hoping it's in five weeks, at the 9th Annual Lebowski Fest. A campaign, petition, what have you has started on Facebook. I urge you to "like" Bring Liam to Lebowski Fest - Louisville. One of the Founding Dudes of Lebowski Fest is reported to say that if this page gets 500 "likes" there is a "GREAT chance Liam will be there!!" (I'm assuming this means the Founding Dudes will check with their accountant and see if they can squeeze in a plane ticket from The City of Angles to Louisville into their budget)

As I'm writing this, we need 435 more "Likes"
Click the below screen shot to take you to it, now.[TQ]

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Friday, June 4, 2010

Six Weeks to Lebowski Fest

Only 6 weeks until the 9th Annual Lebowski Fest in Louisville, Kentucky!
New shit is coming to light at an exciting pace! The below poster was unveiled and bands such as The Felice Brothers, Iron Horse (and LF veteran Kentucky Prophet) were announced. Not only were more bands announced but also I suspect more news of
hat's in store as we get closer to July 16.

I'll be there, will you? (RSVP on Facebook)
Every year I meet more Achievers, a trend I am looking forward to continuing (<-- massive understatement). If you happen to see a tallish side-burned individual in Louisville this July, it might be me and I hope to meet you. Until then, abide.[TQ]

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