Saturday, February 19, 2011

I've got to uh-- tender my resignation or whatever

costar in the beaver picture
Like a toe (with nailpoish!), LEBLOGSKI is getting cut off.
When asked about the idea of shutting it down, I told the Founding Dudes that its absence will most likely go universally unnoticed.  LF's social media integration (Facebook / Twitter) is strong enough to get it into the next round robin (#amiwrong).  It is a much smoother way for them to connect with Achievers.  But just in case people see this, thank you very much for reading.  There have been a couple instances when people have mentioned to me at a Lebowski Fest that they've read it, which is always surprising and flattering.

Favorite posts from my tenure as the Lebowski Fest Blogger:

For those looking to feed their Lebowski fix by way of a blog, I can't recommend strongly enough.  In addition to the podcast maintained by Fest-regular Chalupa, the blog on the podcast's website is consistently updated with Achiever-minded stories grabbed from the fringes of the Internet.

Thank you to Will & Scott (the Founding Dudes) for allowing me the privilege of sharing my like love of Lebowski on their website, and in turn with all of you.  This news won't stop me from writing about Lebowski Fests in the future (they just won't be here, but on my personal blog instead).  More importantly, I can't wait to catch ya later on down the trail at an upcoming Lebowski Fest.

Goodnight, sweet prince.[TQ]

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