Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Costume Considerations for the upcoming Lebowski Fest season

I love it when an unexpected reference surprises me when doing something completely unrelated to The Big Lebowski.

For example, today I was reading my way through the Sports Blogs on Yahoo ( which, among many topics, mentioned that Philadelphia Phillies Outfielder Jayson Werth shaved his significant beard.

I had the opportunity to draft Mr. Werth in my league's fantasy baseball draft two Sundays ago, but chose not to... And after I saw the below photoshopped picture the Yahoo! Big League Stew blog I'm really starting to regret it:

(photo taken from

I can see your anxious for me to get to the point.
(nobody is here to hear me second guess fantasy drafting strategies)

Beard growth is important.
There's a friend here in Chicago that I've told can "grow a Walter quality beard." He is hesitant because of a wedding he must go to in August. Thankfully, Chicago's Fest is not until September!

At the 7th Annual Lebowski Fest I bowled with this lovely married couple:

For me, it was heartwarming that the wife put up with the husband growing a true Jesus goatee. She readily admitted that she was eagerly anticipating it's era ending the day after the Fest.

On the other hand, there really isn't any planning involved if you want a Dude beard. I honestly think that's more of a lifestyle choice - I'm certain that the best Dude beards take years. So if you want to really accent your Walter or Jesus costume at one of the many upcoming Lebowski Fests - start thinking about when you're going to step away from the razor.

As for me personally? Even though I'm 31 years old I would need to take 3 months off of work (to not only start an attempt at beard growing, but to start hormone injections) to consider a venture like this... As for all you Special Lady Friends out there, you'll just have to decide a level of commitment? I've seen women use makeup, use glue'n'stache, marker, etc...

Happy growing.[TQ]

Sunday, March 28, 2010

He must've gotten someone to cover his shift!

It was recently announced that actor Mike Gomez will be at next weekend's Lebowski Fest Los Angeles.

He played the cop who escorted The Dude through the impound lot after his car was discovered. His car, for those of you studying for Lebowski Fest Trivia, was found the night prior lodged against an abutment in Van Nuys.

That scene is one of the many gem-filled pieces in our favorite movie, but when I first saw the news of Gomez's appearance his only scene was not the first recollection that came to my mind...

Please humor me as I walk down my own personal Lebowski Fest Memory Lane:
On a [very] cold Chicago day in early March 2008 I attended my first ever Lebowski Fest. One of the first costumes I saw instantly "led" me to realize that the quality of my fellow Chicago Achievers was high.

This remains one of my favorite all time costumes. Not visible in that picture is the dry ice they brought with them to really show off their technical skills.

Now although you might think if I ever saw Mike Gomez, I would ask him if he's "got any promising, uh,uh..." Actually, your assumption would be incorrect.

As soon as I saw him I would yell out, "Awh! Jesus - what's that smell, man?"[TQ]

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pumping, Pissing & Pointing

We're less than two weeks away from Lebowski Fest returning the the City of Angels:

Newly announced guests include three film alums who are also no rookies to past Fests:

Jack Kehler (Dude's Landlord), Philip Moon (Woo The Carpet Pisser) and Jim Hoosier (Liam) will there pumping, pissing and pointing. It's also been revealed that Peter Exline (a third of the Walter Trinity) will be there no doubt telling wonderful stories and teaching Achievers lessons.

A frequent phenomenon unique to Lebowski Fests held in Los Angeles occurs when people with odd ties to the movie appear. The newest example will be the presence of Andrea Nunn, who was one of the stand-ins for Julianne Moore in the movie. No where else would a "stand-in" become a notable event.

This isn't going out on a limb, but I expect this upcoming L.A. Lebowski fest to be very Dude-friendly... It is, after all, the first Lebowski Fest in the post Bridges Oscar era.[TQ]

Monday, March 8, 2010

Careful, man, there's a statue here

Jeff Bridges outright mentioned Lebowski Fest, yes - this very Lebowski Fest, in the Oscar press room! (link to

In my opinion, the best "Dude" moment from all of Bridges' acceptance speeches was not on Sunday night.
It was the night before, at the Independent Spirit Awards... specifically at the 1:48 mark of this video:

That's marvelous.[TQ]

Dude. Oscar. Far Fucking Out!

It's going to be all over the Internet: appreciation that the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences finally recognized Jeff Bridges as Best Actor.

Here are my few strands that are in my head from this important night...

For the past couple years, the production has included compeers expressing personal antidotes. Yes, the telecast is way too long - but I for one appreciate this new gimmick and hope it continues. Shortly after the Best Actor montage the 5 people walk out on to the stage and I try to instantly guess which person has which nominee.

I was expecting the producers of The Oscars to peg Colin Farrell, co-star of Crazy Heart, to share a story about our Dude. Much to my surprise, it was Michelle Pfeiffer who shared a story from the making of The Fabulous Baker Boys. I guess it's asking too much for ABC to abide us Achievers and have Julianne Moore share a story about borrowing the robe...

But don't put her up on the stage to taunt us.
And don't have Maude share a story about ONLY SPENDING THREE DAYS on the set with Colin Firth to rub salt in our White Russians.

Regardless, it's a great day for the alumni of The Big Lebowski.
Although one could credibly argue that the year No Country For Old Men won Best Picture, including Best Directing and Writing Oscars for both Coens was a more landmark night, tonight had a few highlights:
* Win by TBL alum T-Bone Burnett
* A very Dude-like acceptance speech (Bridges' copious use of the word "man")
* Nominated Coens

Brandt was the first to break the Oscar barrier. Who will be the next? Odds would say Maude is bound to finally get recognized, but don't count out Walter, Donny or even The Stranger as the next likely candidates.

We all agree how Jeff Bridges should celebrate:
Lebowski Fest Los Angeles is less than a month away! Tickets are on sale now. I was at the first Chicago Lebowski Fest in 2008, which was shortly after the before mentioned Oscars of the Coens and remembered an Achiever who wore an Anton Chigurh costume. I expect to see some "Bad" costumes in Los Angeles.[TQ]

Thursday, March 4, 2010

You Never Went to College?

"Well, yeah I did, but I spent most of my time occupying various, um, administration buildings-"

Achiever Becca sent this link to The Founding Dudes a couple weeks ago. It's from the Oxford University Press blog - chronicling the high quotient for quoting us fans of The Big Lebowski exhibit. The post also thankfully illustrates how many Achievers intentionally misquote (or alter the original lines) to suit specific purposes... Such as, "Dude, uh, tomorrow is already the day LEBOWSKI FEST 2010 TICKETS GO ON SALE!"

More fun with near-quotes: You don't go out and make a living scheduling Fests like that in the middle of a weekday?

With the exception of the New York event (which appears to be an all-in-one bargain Thursday night affair) all of these Fests are set up to hit their targets in a Friday-Saturday fashion.

For links to each respective 2010 location, please visit the Upcoming Fests page.

Before I run out of here to stand in virtual line to buy tickets, thanks again to Becca for clicking her way over to the CONTACT US page and sent in a note... You'll have a higher success of being heard through that channel than if you'd cut out magazine letters to compose your demands (no funny stuff!).

It's only 19 weeks until the next Fest (9th Annual in Louisville) I intend to attend. I hope to see you there.[TQ]