Tuesday, July 13, 2010

ABC's Nightline to cover Lebowski Fest!

Anyone who "follows" on Twitter or is a "friend" on Facebook saw the big news that Jeremy Hubbard of ABC's Nightline will be attending, and covering, the 9th Annual Lebowski Fest!

Last year, I was able to make my Internet Video News world debut courtesy the Courier-Journal. (I can't believe they unposted the video! Trust me, I was talking very fast to a low angle camera quoting like a madman) So now I'm going to try to take it National. Consider yourself on notice, Mr. Hubbard!

Since it appears that Jeremy Hubbard has the title of "Digital Correspondent" it's likely that the story of our beloved Fest will only be available as online content, 100% electonic, and that's cool. But I'm hoping that ABC will abide by at least featuring the clip at the end of a particular night (on a weekday?). Personally, I think ABC should consider airing a Martin Bashir Multi-part Michael Jackson Interview in Prime Time project/concept. Ya hear that Mr. Hubbard? Bashir got Jacko, but you've got The Dude (and probably twenty other Dudes along with more Walters and a handful of Maudes)!

I'm somewhat familiar with this anchor. Being a veteran of insomniac tendencies (laying facedown in a sleepless muck), I've seen Mr. Hubbard on ABC's overnight news program: ABC News Now. Below is a clip from his "farewell" broadcast. A few things to take away from that clip:

-This guy's got a sense of humor
-His wife's last name is "Hottman" (Way to go Donny!)
-In something somewhat Lebowski Fest related: he's not against costumes

Fellow achievers, there will be a correspondent among us! Prepare and act accordingly. Maybe I'll make an "ABC" logo-esque sign like the ones you see at sporting events spelling out Abiding Bums Choose (ABC News)? Jesus, you said it man, I can't wait until Friday.[TQ]

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